Adeve Interactive

Learning Technology

Adeve Interactives capabilities include 20 years Learning Technology expertise culminating in the sucessful design, development and deployment of many educational support technologies and systems described below .


Web4Test is a powerfull educational assessment system that was commercialised in 2000 Aquired as c2sky's flagship product, The system was marketed as MINDsweep™. and delivered as an online service until 2008 MINDsweep™ was used used by global fortune 500 companies as a knowledge measuring system.


Scholar Platform

The SCHOLAR Learning platform and publishing suite supports the SCHOLAR Forum which provides high quality web-based courses and a ' virtual college' support network. The platform enables core XML content to be transformed to on-line delivery through the Scholar VLE, on-line delivery through a third party VLE (e.g. Blackboard or Moodle), or by high quality printed documents

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Simulation toolkit, now available freely under the JelSim partnership

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Value Management
Value Management Thomas Telford Value Managment

Value Management Benchmark